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Originally Posted by shinobii View Post
This is the key reason why Biovals differ from standard Clears. Standard clears are not ideal for PTW for the very reason that they cause a great deal of friction, since "glass" like materials have a bonding characteristic to them.

The finishing process on BBBmax is much much smoother and offers considerably less friction. Smaller diameter provides less surface area for friction to occur and eliminates misfeeds. This is where the secondary finishing process takes place in Switzerland, which sets these bb's apart from the generic .28 clears found everywhere.

BBBmax are in fact designed to handle PTW's, and is why U.S military use the MAX for their PTW training. This is clearly a case of generic .28 with standard surface finish and larger diameter being mistaken for MAX.

European companies like Begadi, can't get rid of their glass bb's quick enough for this very reason. They've converted to BBBmax as their primary clear round.

It's a process as I've said in the past. People will figure out what works best.
Actually, this issue was noted with the Bioval brand, as I noted above. I have no info on other brands. This was noted amongst American users (one of the earliest reports was from Arizona) as well as British, Dutch and Danish users.

I case anyone is wondering, this is from Tackleberry, and dated today. He is the first and last word on the PTW. I know who I will trust with advice on what to use in a PTW:

Originally Posted by Tackleberry
They won't chop but they will completely f**k up your PTW if there are any feed issues.

DO NOT use these under any circumstances as they will ruin your day.

The problem is their surface texture. rather than slide over one another (BB's need to do this in a double stacked mag) they grip, stick and jump.

This means that they do not feed properly (especialy in cold weather) and istead of chopping the BB the hop unit and the hardened steel airseal nozzel are damaged.

This is beacsuse the BB becomes trapped between the nozzel and hop unit and when the piston comes flying back it hammers on into the other.

Result: Replacement hop body and airseal nozzel required.

I had 5 PTW's go down in the space of 10 minutes using these, including one of my own.

They are the roundest most straight shooting BB out there, but do not use them in your PTW.
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