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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Who's going to run these through a PTW and see what happens to the nozzle?
The BBBMax is not PTW friendly. They are widely known to misfeed, and will destroy the nozzle and sometimes the chamber. This requires a replacement cylinder head and chamber at a cost of about $150 at a minimum.

The effect is noted to be worse during colder or humid weather, as water vapur increases the surface tension on thses BBs, and in a double-stack situation (as PTW mags are) with BBs rolling pat each other, misfeeds are worse.

The Bioval are not recommended for PTWs, and if the Bastards ones are the same, I would say the same for them.

If you fire semi-auto, slow single shot where mag feeding is not an issue, eother may be fine (but still iffy). The problem was noted primarily in full auto, and users with problems spanned the globe.
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