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Quoted for truth.
You've articulated exactly what I don't want to be accused of. I'm pretty much convinced that if your host allows .30g, .36g, or .40g shot on the field, then not allowing the silica product is kinda silly as those products definitely impart more kinetic energy on impact than .28g product. Its a mathematical fact. I don't think you're at any greater risk - thats my personal opinion. YMMV.
I agree. Your .30 and up VS liquor bottles in my backyard testing yields basically the same results as the silica BB. I've found that KSC .30 are more destructive than the MAX on a shot to shot basis against the glass.

What really surprised me is my shooting at non field limit velocities 500+. I'll do the shoot again when the snow melts lexan RC shell vs standard .30 BB and silicas. The standard BB's punch through the lexan shell, but the silica's bounce off.

Anywhere that allows those other BB's that weigh 0.30 and up should allow the silica BB's but silica's have such a bad reputation just like bio's do in Canada.

I really want to get some of those new Bioval Hardball weight BB's and shoot them at our field limit energy levels.
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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