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Is there a difference between glasses called "ballistic eyewear" and "safety glasses"? I am wondering if this is the only available standard for this class of application. I know when I shoot on the range, pretty much all my eye protection is Z87.1, but that protects you from hot powder when cartridges eject or other minor airborne debris.

I think the whole tooth argument is specious. You need to protect your teeth regardless. Those of us who have been playing for years don't run through a game smiling and with our mouths open. I wrap my lips around my teeth, instinctively, when I'm engaged. Watch any veteran player and they generally do that. Others vets who don't bother with that wear a mouthguard or mask. Your teeth are at risk no matter what round you use, so to say something has a higher 'danger' level is plain misleading. ANY contact between a bb of any kind and teeth is to be avoided 100% of the time and there is no acceptable safe level of contact for that.
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