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I get your point ...just wanted to see if you had a different battery...

A buddy of mine has a high speed setup and runs 4 different batteries, the biggest one is a 11.1/4000/45C brick....the next size down is a 11.1/3000/35C smaller brick. Since the "smaller" one can sustain ~100A...I had a hard time thinking that his rifle wanted to draw more than that since there's a noticible increase in the ROF with the "bigger" one. Those ratings are from memory, they might be the peak rates instead of the constant rates of the batteries...still, it's monstrous. I doubt he has the setup any least in one piece

Perhaps a different question that will help others who read this post...aside from just trying bigger and bigger batteries until your ROF levels out...what is a safe reliable way/location to measure the draw of a setup?
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