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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
everyone needs to understand the results and draw their own conclusions, not go on paranoia. Even if you still don't feel comfortable with their use, at least you made an informed decision and not one based on hearsay and conjecture.
Quoted for truth.

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
The thing is, until everyone agrees that they are safe to use, you risk looking like you don't care about other players' safety and that you are only concerned with gaining an advantage.
You've articulated exactly what I don't want to be accused of. I'm pretty much convinced that if your host allows .30g, .36g, or .40g shot on the field, then not allowing the silica product is kinda silly as those products definitely impart more kinetic energy on impact than .28g product. Its a mathematical fact. I don't think you're at any greater risk - thats my personal opinion. YMMV.

But again, player consensus has to emerge and those who DON'T want it on their fields or in their games have to be respected in the same manner that those who want strictly ECO product on their fields and I am sure there will be fields that will allow it. So you just choose your venues and games according to what you want to use. Also those who don't want to be targetted by this round can make a similar decision in the opposite direction.

I like what I am seeing in this thread though, its a good discussion with decent arguments but people are also being respectful of one another's viewpoints. I think this thread helps people who are looking to make a decision about it. As it stands now, I think if the demand keeps up, I'll supply it and supply it at the same cost as the .28g styrene product. I don't see a need for a premium, manufacturing and shipping costs are almost identical.

I never thought of the reusability of the product as a sales point - but thats cool, Plinker's Delight indeed.
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