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Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
Perhaps a full line of BB Bastard black bb's in all weights would provide the edge players are looking for with these, while not needlessly increasing the risk to players.

The black BB's are immpossible to see, the clear ones are a great middle ground. They can be seen by the shooter but not by the target under most light conditions. This cannot be said about the black BB's which is why I never use them.

The shot to shot consistency (Size of each BB, I think we measured 5.96 consistently at TAC) on each BB is also superb compared to any other manufactured product. If you want consistently round spheres with consistent weight this is the BB. It allows you to tune an airsoft gun to its most accurate level. On the field they have been more accurate for me. Being able to consistently control where my shots land and shoot the smallest part of a targets body behind cover is exactly what I want to be able to do.

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