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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Renegade did a bit of testing and said you can see them well enough to track for a distance, but not sure how far that'd be. I wondered the same thing when I started using the Bastard green 0.36g, but I can track them just fine.

Like Sha Do said, for sniper use, they are too light, so unlikely I'll use them in place of the 0.36g, but I'll fire some off for distance when I get a chance to.......... like after the snow disappears. Lol
Correct, my rifle shoots aprox 200+ feet accurately, I can track them pretty much to target with my 6x scope. Naked eye, you can track them enough to adjust shots. With the blacks, I can not see them as well, if at all.

I like the round, but I wont use them unless they are given the approval of players, the scare factor is there yes, I understand that, but dont let this overscare you, regular bb's can do damage as well depending on where they strike and from what distance, is everyone forgetting what we do here? Shoot projectiles at eachother..

The risk could be a bit higher, but as I said, they will require extra discression of the shooter. This should always be done however, dont take a shot you would not want to receive. They may not be in the same class of extra risk as a BA opperator shooting 500+ FPS, but they are a step up to plastic bb's for extra risk to your target, but also a greater advantage to you the shooter. Onus is on you to be responsible.
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