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First don't post wanted ads outside the classifieds section, even if it's not guns.

Second XT is probably good. You can get them from private/classified sales but you have to be AV'ed to get in on them (or at least meet people selling their stuff face to face so they know you're 18+, ie. after a game at a field you see they're selling their gun and show you're 18+ in this case you aren't AV'ed but the seller knows you're 18+).

I actually run a "rifleman" setup with a replica RAV vest. Check local surplus stores for clothes otherwise I have no idea where else to go if you want to stay local. If you want to stay in Canada there are a few places I know like DS Tactical (Daves Surplus), Drop Zone Tactical, Seals Action Gear, 911 Supply

Then if you want to go internationally then your options open a lot more. (don't worry they don't just stock Fleck they have British DPM and Danish M82 or w/e) is one place that stands out in my mind that I was looking at for BDU's. There's also AirsoftPark which I've had great success with, they're awesome Based out of HK I believe but ships from a warehouse in Singapore or Malaysia or something like that.
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