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Why is everyone so quick to dismiss new airsoft technology available for use. I admit I am an early adopter of any technology that can help improve my game. (BB Bastard Clear, Madbull LifePO, etc.) My guns are workhorses not show pieces and my money goes into functional upgrades for performance not looks. These BB's fall squarely into the performance upgrade area.

We have already proven these do not go through any type of mask at point blank range that is rated to withstand ballistic hits. This includes shooting glasses, PB goggles and mesh goggles.

Any .25 BB shot at any goggles, at point blank range, at over 400 FPS will deform the goggle in some fashion. As long as it defeats the threat, what are people concerned about. I have yet to see a game where someone puts the barrel to your goggles and pulls the trigger. And even if they did, you would still be ok.

Lets move on to teeth, if you get shot at a range close enough to crack teeth, any .25 BB weight of higher will do the job, silica would not be the only culprit. Those that are concerned about this wear mouth guards for the amount of time it happens.

Now the "ouch" factor. To me this is a non-issue. When did we become worried about pain. To me the silica may sting more buts leaves less of a bruise. It does not mash and disperse causing a bigger bruise. (FMJ vs. hollow point??????) People wear so much gear and shrug hits now, I welcome any BB that hits "slightly" harder (if at all) and gives more felt impact. I am sick of hearing "I did not feel it". Those individuals have less of a leg to stand on now.

The ballistic properties are great, they shoot consistent and so far the 3 times I have used them have been great with no complaints (And I shoot alot of people There is a downside and that is they cannot be seen when you are shooting in bright sunlight in the open without a dark backdrop like a tree line. You need to have your hop up dialed in, and trust it, if you are out in the open in a grassfield)

Embrace the new, this is what people were saying about LIPO a year and half ago, you don't hear much about that anymore.


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