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Hey Everyone/Gear help

Hey everyone!

I'm new to ASC just wanted to say hi.

Also, I'm in the market for airsoft guns/gear and I just had a few questions, maybe some of the vets or even knowledgable noobs can help :P

I live in Winnipeg and I'd like to buy local as much as possible as to save on shipping/handling/duty/waiting, etc.

I'm 5'9", 125ish. lbs. Looking for a MARPAT BDU, a tan or CADPAT vest (preferably more recon-ish, i've always been a fan of travelling light to maximize speed/efficiency. thinking like, the standard 4 mag pouches and a couple aux pouches, with a combat belt. i'll buy a hydration pack later for long milsim games, but for now i'm just lookin for a good beginner setup). Also, I was looking at the KWA G36c from XT. In fact, the only place in Winnipeg I know to get airsoft gear/guns is XT, does anyone know of anywhere else?

Any help would be much appreciated, also, if you have any gear you want to get rid of, send me a PM!

Thanks, Sicki
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