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Is there any way to test the impact force? Many have said we should start judging how hot a gun is based on the joules, not the FPS given the fact that varying weights offer varying speeds but still producing similar impact forces. Would it be feasible to use some device that measures the impact force for these rounds (or any rounds for that matter) akin to how a chrony measures velocity? The "pain" test shown here does have the idea in mind but without actual readouts the whole "this one hurts more" doesn't really carry much in terms of concrete evidence.

Since talks of silica BBs came about with Bioval Ive had apprehensions about these being used in games. The more I read the more mixed reviews I have found. Now that we have a local supplier and manufacturer interest locally is growing, and more tests are being done. Thankfully our manufacturer and supplier is allot more willing to disclose any and all information regarding the round so there is less clouding in the information.

I still will reserve judgement on these until I see their effects first hand but so far it doesn't sound like something I'd like to have incoming when at a game. My understanding of the lenses we use is that every time there is a direct hit, the lifespan is dropped and the chances or breaking or cracking the lens grows. Personally as soon as I get a direct hit on the lens I take a careful examination and determine if I still feel comfortable using it. I have not had a lens last more than 3 direct hits before I had them replaced. Once we get more definitive results in terms of impact force (point blank, 5 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet, etc...) instead of purely muzzle velocity, and when I am able to see how these rounds react then I would make my own judgement call on whether or not I feel comfortable having these used in games I participate in.

For the time being, and from second hand information from various credible people I feel these should remain for those utilizing them for target shooting since they have been getting stellar reviews as far as ballistics is concerned.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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