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Originally Posted by kaiu View Post
Prepare to spend around $400+ for a NICE M4, as Tys told me once, it's better to get a good aeg so you don't start the sport with headaches with random stuffage... *something like that* ...
Yeah..something like that..."random stuffage" does not sound like something I would say or write.

All I will say now (just tired out from spelling it out so many times)...Do not take the quick cheap route. You may be happy with that in the end, you may feel like you just pissed away all your money. Go to games, rent as many different guns as you can...get a feel for what's what. A $250 half-clear rifle is NOT the same as a nicely built $800 rifle which is not the same as a $1500+ PTW which is completely different from a $600 GBBR. Figure out what you really want, save up for that.
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