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Originally Posted by fi3re View Post

So the general consensus is to either buy used or use a rental, given my price range...
Alright thats what I expected I guess

Amazing to see all these replies in such a short period of time

As another question I guess, what would be a good beginner friendly M4 (from classifieds)

Is it true the wobble issues on TM M4? I guess I'm not being too smart focusing on M4 but I really do like the look of a nice M4...
Buying used from a classified from an unknown seller is a risk, ideally you go to a local seller and fondle the AEG first that way there will be no surprises. M4 is really a personal taste, I used to have a shitload of them the only M4 or M4 variants I have left are my GBBR all my AEG have a version3 box just to save me from headaches (Galil, FAL, AK, MP5K) if you want a reliable AEG the best bang for the buck is still a King Arms, VFC, G&P and Classic Army. $400 is a good start but realisticly you should save up and up your spending limits before you know it you'll be looking at around $1000 before you are finished.
That $1000 depends on the AEG you get and all the bells and whistles you're gonna put on the AEG, an M4 is a good example of a money pit, a plain M4 is like little innocent girl but a fully tits up M4 is like a proffesional pornstar in a nerd convention, everyone wants to fondle it.
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