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I could see these being implimented if we played at say 200fps-250fps... But at the current FPS of AEGS and BAs yah, no way. 800Rounds per minute from an AEG at 350fps with those will be enough to go through a lense in I would guess 5-8 well placed rounds?

would you be able to test?

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Honestly I can say that I like them. Not in AEGs, where in the hands of an unskilled player, they could do some damage.
....... but for the BA's, where we already have an established MED (which would continue to reduce the chance for stupid mistakes related to range issues with the silica BBS). However, I'm gonna have to wait for Stalker to do his review on the silica's as 0.28s are just too light for style of sniping.


I thought most snipers liked to be able to trace there rounds would a clear round not make that impossible?
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