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a 7.4v 20C will push 400fps no issue what so ever.
My M4 shoots 380 and it gets 1000rpm on a 7.4v 20C LiPo
The thing is, as long as your LiPo isn't rated UNDER your needed amperage, it really doesn't matter what the C rating is since your already pulling 100% of the amps your motor needs. It's not 'how much amperage is my battery giving me?', you have to think of it as 'how much amperage is my motor taking FROM my battery?'
So a 20C and 50C LiPo will give you the same ROF. But if you have a 10C and you need atleast 15C, your battery will go up in flames.

Things you REALLY should have for a 7.4v LiPo:
upgraded piston
upgraded wiring harness
deans connectors

Things you NEED for an 11.1v LiPo:
upgraded piston
upgraded wiring harness
deans connectors
MOSFET or SW-COMP + PCB (Don't use a triggermaster with an untuned magnum motor)
sorbo pad (for V2 mechboxes)
upgraded and shimmed gears
tuned motor (absolutely mandatory to tune those P.O.S. systema magnum motors)
upgraded tappet plate

The triggermaster SW-COMP allows you to slow down your motor speed (and therefore ROF), it comes in handy with 11.1v LiPo's not just for mechbox wear, but incase you have problems feeding at high ROF
And IMO magnums are crap, I've heard of 5 pinion gears failing and seen one fail myself, although it's less common with prometheus gears. And every magnum I've put a triggermaster on has NEEDED to be tuned, as it was so badly tuned from factory it was causing the triggermaster to overheat in semi auto. The G&P M140s and M160's are superior and consume less amperage even after tuning the magnum.

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