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if it pushes the spring lol - 7.4's tend to to have some probs pushin heavier springs but I have no experience with PTW's so I'm not the best person to offer advice - u mught be better with an 11.1v

like Tys said the mAh rating on lipo's mean next to nothing when it comes to trigger response - that's the voltage that counts and higher voltage will push the motor with more ease...for example - I had an indoor rated P90 firing nice and snappy with a 7.4v lipo but when I put that in my outdoor P90 shooting 430 it wouldn't push it whereas the 11.1v lipo more than happily powered it. also I dont think it has been said but the main reason lipo's are seen as dangerous is that they can speed up the rotations inside the guns etc and that increwases ur wear and yes it will break down more quickly - but with a normal battery this may also happen - it'll just take longer as the motor isn't cycling as fast.
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