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Originally Posted by mills0 View Post
Just on another note about other gear (since you've gotten more then enough advice on guns) is used kit in the Sales threads works, most vests are study and last. If your lucky you can get some great bundle deals with BDUs vests, gloves etc.

good luck to you in what ever you decide, and welcome to ASC man, wish more new players where like you.
haha well I've been lurking around asc for a while so I know how it works around here...

as for what people are saying about high initial costs, I do understand that which is why im budgeting lower for the gun and saving other money for gear..

lol my friend has the whole tactical getup with molle vest tons of pouches, boots helmet drop leg etc.. and DOESNT play airsoft...he just likes wakling around the house in full gear haha could probably borrow from him if he decides not to get into airsoft yet...
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