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Actually M4 is probably one of the best due to the mass numbers of it available everywhere... easiest to get parts for it from what I see anyways...

People prefer AKs and AUGs I think because of the version 3 mechbox and their personal preference...

Prepare to spend around $400+ for a NICE M4, as Tys told me once, it's better to get a good aeg so you don't start the sport with headaches with random stuffage... *something like that*
Buying an aeg from a more recognized guy on these forums will probably guarantee a nice reliable gun? lol... My AEG is completely custom built *not by me* and works great...
(And it is better to see it in person before you lay down the $$$ imo) You can go to retailers in Toronto, most guys will let you hold the guns, let you get the *feel of it* and provide basic advice, if you go to their place, some let you test fire it too... hehe

Save up another $200+ for gear? *nice gloves, op rise and shine will require ankle supported boots, good goggles (preferably low profile for to see your sights), knee pads basic clothing, pouches for your mags, extra mags, mag loader, bbs :P*

And you can probably see that vests can get pricey hehe, maybe save up for that after?

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