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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Damn... I came into this thread expecting to be able to use that AOL translator thing....

Anyways, it's really up to you in the end. Sometimes $400 is a good budget for a used gun. I got mine for $450, not the greatest by any means but not "crap" either.

Used guns will sometimes be upgraded so you should put that into consideration as well. It's like buying a Civic DX vs a Civic Si or Type R. I don't know if that's a good analogy but still, either get an 'OK' car for $13,000 or w/e or a better one that's been upgraded for $21,000. You still might find that you want to upgrade it a bit later but with the Type R there's already some upgraded parts.

You could buy a new stock Civic DX or a used Civic DX with some mods and maybe a new engine (lets say a K20 vs the stock Civic DX engine).

In the end, again it's up to you but I know that I lean towards buying from the classifieds because it's more in my price range and I like package deals.

EDIT: Also if you're going to that op, I believe there will be rentals available so you don't need to jump in and buy a "cansoft" gun and after getting AV'ed find that you want to get rid of it and buy one from the classifieds.

Yea, I guess I see what your guys are saying... I'd just hate to buy a used gun and realize it was tuned with mismatching parts etc..

haha your car analogy works just fine, but then again buying a new car is always more reliable then a used one =\

Would getting a rental be wiser? Not really sure who to ask but I think I'll try
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