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Why do you want to avoid used guns? 75% of guns used by people around here were previously owned and used by someone else. As long as the person didn't abuse their gun and didn't make sure everything they knew that wasn't perfect in their ad (which does happen once in a while but not often enough to be worried about) then your home free. You save money buying used and you get guns as package deals with a bunch of extras like mags, batteries, optics, upgrades, etc... All you have to do is make sure you look at the persons trader feedback rating.

I have bought and used a fair number of guns in games over the past couple years, and every single one has been bought used off the classifieds and have yet to have a problem with used guns. Sometimes used guns perform better than new guns as guns have a "breaking in" period to work out some kinks. Also once you get AV'ed you will have access to AV Retailers who sell new guns as well. So my advice is hold off from buying those nasty cancer ridden tainted cansoft guns

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I read the "prices of guns in classifieds" but those prices are QUITE a bit budget is around 400...
You might want to either keep saving or reconsider jumping into airsoft as there is gonna have to be a bigger financial commitment in order to get the full experience out of playing airsoft. Besides a gun your gonna have to get the following items: extra mags (ballpark $60 for a set of 5), quality battery (around $50-$100), quality charger (around $50-$100), eye protection (lets say $50), good pair of boots (about $100). That covers all your essentials, then we get into secondary items like a vest to hold all your stuff like mags etc.. ($50-$200), BDU ($40-$130), upgrades/accessories (Im not gonna put a dollar amount here as this can only be as much as you want).

So keep your $400 and save it until you have more. Airsoft isn't cheap, so unless your willing to raise that number closer to $800-$1000 then you might wanna reconsider airsoft. Im not saying this to turn you away, its just so you understand the commitment involved.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.

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