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Getting into airsoft...want gun advice

So I've been wanting to get into airsoft for quite a while but never really got a chance with all my other hobbies...

Now me and my friend (both 18+ btw) have decided to dive into airsoft and hope to attend OP rise and shine in a few weeks...

I checked out torontoairsoft and find their prices very attractive. I realize they are JG rebrands, but I've heard decent things about JG. Would they be decent starting platforms for a beginner? What I mean is, I really want a Marui clone so I have the ability to upgrade the hell out of it with aftermarket parts.

G&G apparently not so good as for as cansoft version goes?

ICS pretty much proprietary gearbox and reciever?

What about SRC? I know ver.3 is good stuff but would it be marui compatible?

Until I get age verified I really dont know classifieds options...
Would getting a used marui be a better idea? Dont really want a used gun, nor do I want to spend 600 on new just quite yet...

I know I'm asking for alot of things at once but no matter how many posts i read I see mixed opinions about everything....=\

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