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All real Magpul stuff:

More here:

Take in to consideration that I'm also using pro lighting equipment for most of those shots, and that I also calibrated the images with a slight tint of red in to the image to make it look warmer.

The following shot was taken with an on body flash, and it wasn't calibrated with the red tinge - the colour shown here is more accurate to what it looks like in the real world:

The stock's not in the picture, but you can see the grip and how it compares to the other furniture vs a tan/khaki Maxpedition range bag at the top. The grip, ladders and ranger pull are all the exact same as in the other photos.

Anyways, if you feel like Magpul completely pulled the rug out from under you and screwed you royally, I'd be willing to buy the grip and stock from you.

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