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Originally Posted by DawnsLight92 View Post
I am actually pretty lucky to already be an active hiker, means I have good boots already and I'm in pretty good shape too.
Yep should have assumed that you were an active hiker. Seymour Demonstration park is practically right in your backyard isn't it? Not only that there's also the Baden Powell that's nearby as well and some other North Shore trails as well. I go and do the Grouse Grind during the summer a lot actually.

Anyways.... back on topic. Gear wise DSTactical (Daves Surplus) and Gorilla Surplus are the places I have gone to to get BDU's. I got my OD from Gorillas for some stupidly low price $35 I think (I got trousers and tunic, no hat but it was something like $7 for the hat) and Flecktarn from Daves for ~$50 (trousers, tunic, and hat/patrol cap/wedge thing).

For a vest a $50 clone is probably good enough. I got mine for like $80-90 and although I wouldn't take it to a real war it's fine for airsoft and light use.

I'm sure you know about Op-For and BCAC and when you're 18 you can get one of their admins to AV you (Kampfer, Optix, and Crash can all do it IIRC).
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