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Originally Posted by zollen View Post
Do you mean the following:

My Eyes -> Holographic sight -> Scope -> Target

What's the different between Reflex sights and holographic sights?
From what I understand from my high school physics course (didn't learn this specifically but I'm applying the knowledge I have to the current situation) basically with a reflex/red dot sight your aim is "true" no matter which direction you're looking at the dot through (ie. you're looking through the sight at a weird angle the red dot will still be on the target that you're aiming at) where and what you're pointing at is where you're going to hit/shoot at. Whereas if you don't line up your iron sights properly it may shoot in the wrong place. I actually don't know if it does or not but that's the advantage that I know should theoretically come from a red dot or holo sight.

The holo sight I don't know I think that it's just a holographic projection of the reticule onto the glass (however with the red dot sights this is the same thing that's happening as well).
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