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Originally Posted by zollen View Post
I like the following holographic sight

E0 Tech 553 Replica
1. Which holographic sight is better 551 or 553?
2. Why would someone put both holographic sight and scope together?
3. If yes, is it feasible to mount both 553 and Rangefinder rifle scope together?
4. Should I place the holographic sight in front of or behind the scope?
The main difference between the different series are the batteries they use, and their target sight thinger.... (I got the 552 because it uses AAs)

From what I've seen, holograhic sight goes IN FRONT of the scope....
Holographic sight is usually 1x magnification... So if you want to be more accurate at long range, you get a 2x, 3x, or 4x magnifier...

Dunno about the scope you're looking at, the magnifiers for aimpoint and eotechs don't have any target sights when you look through *i think*...

If you want to save money, there is the 552 from dealextreme, I find it to my liking at least... and it's not even 40 bucks
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