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I still gots some contacts from the UK airsoft scene so there was alot of fast talking to get some free samples lol - in short I canny really say just now but if all goes well then i can defo put in some bulk orders for peeps. in comparison to cleric's I'd imagine they are pretty similar - mesh is slightly heavier I believe but not by much at all - as I said they are more contoured so I recon they would fit goggles better out the box for sure but it's not rocket science to bend any other mesh masks to work just as well Like I said i recon they are awesome but I can't really test them right now - bailed rather spectacularly on Nikiska today (one guy thought i ragdolled pretty well lol) so my ankles pretty badly mulched just now so tomorrow nights game looks like a no-go...sniff if u fancy giving it a try just lemmi know
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