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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
What about this one from Red Wolf?

Note that it's for the CA "Old Version" metal body system. Also try companies like WCG, War4, AirsoftGI, Airsoft Extreme, The War Store and such.

The upper should be fine and if it gets seized then contest it and get someone who actually knows a thing about which rifle parts are actually restricted to clear it through (Last year gearboxes were getting seized as "receivers" but it was cleared once someone with actual firearm knowledge inspected it).
Actually, i got a G&P body so i prefer a G&P Upper receiver to decrease any compatibility issues.. Anyways, i like a plain M4 receiver like this one:

I just hope I dont get a crazy shipping price or get taxed alot.. When I order from Hong Kong, its much cheaper and I dont get taxed, but if its from the States, shipping is alot and i need to pay duty fees.
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