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Originally Posted by ex View Post
Ummm ya it does. Flat "DARK" earth LOL.

Turok, It's like that because of the lighting or flash used to take the pic and you probably have not colour corrected your monitor. I was thinking about getting a CTR stock so if you want to ditch yours let me know I'll snap that up.

Also are you sure you got genuine Magpul items? The chinese Knock off stuff tends to be on the Greenish side.
Hey EX, yeah i took the camera settings and flash into consideration. But there is still a large discrepancy in my opinion.. Mine looks more like olive drab than a dark tan color.. Yes, all my stuff is genuine magpul, not from some Chinese knock off....

But I did compare the color of my stock, rail ladders, and grip and all the colors look exactly the same (same dark greenish color) I guess I was hoping for more of a tan color than dark greenish color.
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