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Originally Posted by Love View Post
ThunderCactus: As much as I love your name, I've never heard of mAh giving a faster ROF.

I think of it this way. Its a pool of water.

Volatage is the size of the pool
mAh is how much water is in the pool

Voltage increase gives ROF increase. mAh increase gives longer play time.
mAh can give RoF increases: I agree with thundercactus. I find that generally the batteries with big mAh can dump the current better. This is probably due to what thundercactus said: physical size and/or quality of the battery. I had a 9.6V ~2000mAh and 9.6V ~3900mAh battery, both sub-C cells. The 3900mAh had an edge on the RoF (albeit by a pretty small margin, but certainly significant I would say)
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