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Originally Posted by Love View Post
Get a Pirahna Digital Peak Charger. It charges like anything and can even SAFELY peak charge so a battery has slightly higher capacity.
You can even plug it into your car, and charge it while waiting for a game to start whilst on the road.

Its a sweet charger. I have one.

EDIT: I dont own the battery charger that was said to be a clone, but I honestly wouldnt trust anything thats a clone, in terms of batteries atleast. As it could not have a protection circuit, or it could damage a good battery. Or even possibly start a fire. Again, I don't own it so these are speculations. But I do own a Pirahna Digital Peak Charger and I know they rock.
This is the charger i was talking about. its fantastic.

Originally Posted by Shooting Addict View Post
Does it charge lipos or just Nimh and NiCd battery's?
No Lipo's, just the standard Nimh and NiCds
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