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1. They do sell direct as well as distribute. PM/email is best. No store front...yet.

2. Go to TTAC3 and see Brian. PM to see when he'll be there, or check out the games section, he runs stuff pretty much every Friday night.

To the original question re. scratch building....
I've built a couple of rifles from scratch, simply modded existing ones and fixed up a few. This is just my own opinion for a guy just starting out.
- if this is your first AEG and you don't know pretty much anything about them...don't scratch build. Buy a working one and mod it. You're likely to run into fewer headaches this way.
- if you decide to mod something...try to get a base that's as close to what you want
- if you are going to scratch build it, stick to the same manufacturer for pretty much all parts, it'll minimize the fitting/tolerance headaches...G&P is probably going to offer the largest/widest variety of options
- I would highly stress to you NOT to choose a clone as a base or pick/choose a bunch of clone may very well end up with a crooked stick and 8 shades of black.

When you're putting together a rifle you are essentially looking to build a shell (exterior) and stuff a bunch of geared/spring/piston/stuff inside it. Concentrate on the shell first...the internals can follow and are easily/plentiful to get. If you're buying used to get a base for the the best "shell" that you can.

I've worked on literally hundreds of mechboxes...
- if I needed one for my own rifle now...I'd buy a complete one (probably a G&P although I'd consider a complete Modify one since I haven't tried those yet) and just retweak/check it over. I would not bother piecing a mechbox together one part at a time.

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