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Best knife kill ever... Well not sure if this counts.

Soldier Gear when we were hosting games. We were playing a pistol match and because I really don't have money I only had 3 mags. I shot up everything I had so I was trying to be cool and sneak around. I ran up the stair way and this one guy was distracted by Scooby and was taking pot shots at him.

I darted across the hall, reached around the guy, locked his weapon arm to his chest, reached around with my other hand, applied pressure and took him straight to the ground where I performed the "Sam Fisher neck snap" .

Thus S.fisher I became

This was probably one of the most physical I got with anyone and it turned out to be one of the coolest kills I have ever got in Air Soft. The guy I did it to was not really happy but he took it, was the match ending kill..
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