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Originally Posted by zollen View Post
1. Are there any Canada online retails selling G&P, Hurricane, King Arms or CA m4 and m4 parts?

2. Is C&G a quality brand?

3. Would anyone recommend a good Rail system (RAS)? Does different length of RAS has different effects? I am thinking of 10" Free Floating Forearm Rail System w/ M4 Outer Barrel, and then attach with a silencer. Would that be too long for a gun barrel?
1) Not really. There are a few companies that have VFC (a high quality brand might I add, they make great SCAR's from what I hear), ICS (I Chih Shivan), RS (Real Sword) and such. I think CA might be on the list of things coming soon.

2) Not really. I would rather go with TM(Tokyo Marui), G&P, VFC (Vega Force Company), CA (Classic Army) and brands like that

3) I don't know. No it just gives you varying amounts of "real estate" to put accessories on (ie. PEQ box, Flashlights, Optics, etc.), that being said there are a few things to consider including "barrel wobble" and having a 1 piece outer and a free float system to take off weight from the barrel.
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