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These are what I have found so far. I really have no idea how difficult to put the following components together. I am pretty sure I am missing many internal vital components. Please let me know as well.

Scope + Laser Beam
A.C.M. 3-9x32 Blue Rangefinder Rifle Scope With Red Dot Laser

DBOYS M4 Ported QD Silencer

J.G. M4 6 Position Retractable Stock /w Buffer Tube

Rail System
J.G. M4 Floating RIS Rail System

Element G27 Ergonomic grip - BLACK

Front Iron Sight
Element Vltor Replica Flip Up Front Sight

Front Folding Grip
A.C.M. "Ice Pick" style Folding Vertical Grip

J.G. High Power Motor
Don't but element or JG it's all pot metal, if your building a custom M4 you might as well do it right and go with G&P, Hurricane and CA among others.
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