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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
nah not you, the original post and the attitude of some noobs that we get here

When i ordered the gun i though that their site was pretty legit with the pay logo's and all that (Misterhard & Visa) and it is well done so i didn't really have a worry with it. Not like some other sites i have seen that look like some half ass jabronie designed with Microsoft paint and some html editor.. I was just curious of some insight. I have had only problems once when ordering something. Actually 2wice. I bought a mixing board from california and it was delivered by DHL and they kept missing my house at the time. The driver was suffering from the downs. And another time i bought a Randall Amp Head from musicians friend that was a blemish but when i called and asked what that meant for it's condition they said it was prob just a scratch on the head. When i got it it was completely broken, well the outer casing.. I sent it back and they gave me a brand new one..
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