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i'm with kilnaren on this one - hands down I'd never buy another SRC when i can pay the extra cash and get a full metal - i have 4 metal body M4's in various stages of overuse lol and none of them feel shoddy or wobbly - you could beat a bear to death with them and I like the solid feeling - plastic guns just don't feel right - especially M4's - look at the design - prone to failing - stress risers all over the place and don't give me the nylon fibre nonsense (it's nylon guys and I work with plastics - theres a reason the medical industry refuses to make internal body part replacements out of it - great in tension but as soon as u start flexing it it's as weak as any other plastic - not to mention more prone to shattering and hence cracking depending on the mix of materials u use - don't care. plastic is plastic and metal is king in airsoft world.

now don't get me wrong - plastic is ok if ur starting out but just be aware of the limitations and that ou'll be replacing parts way more frequently and it's more likely to break if u ever need gundoc work on it. on the other hand there are a number of guns that the design of them means plastic is fine to use - P90 and G36 I beleive (maybe the aug as well) all have plastic body or majority plastic bodyparts on the real steel.

Also my last sorta piece of advice is to always get a TM over a clone brand - even a good one like SRC or G&G. TM's are pretty much industry standard and quallity control is awesome. not to mention internals are tuned properly - in the SRC line-up for example every single gun has an unported teflon coated cyllinder reguardless of barrel length (don't get me started on what a stupid idea that is right there lol) - also comes with aluminium pistonhead (another bag of worms) etc - I've also come accross a couple lemon's that ain't been lubed properly and the o-rings on the pistonhead have degraded resulting in pathetic FPS and in one case jammed piston due to the front end being snapped. If you can find me a TM that comes like that outta the factory I'd be surprised.

JUST REMEMBER- in the airsoft world there's usually a good reason ur paying less so do some research (as u have very rightly done so here) and get some experienced advice first.
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