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Originally Posted by spartan117 View Post
If i'm correct, selling full black airsoft here in Canada is illegal for a normal civilian like me.
Actually it's not "illegal" at all. Once the gun gets in Canada it's fully legal to own (now transferring on the other hand is "illegal" but not really a law that's upheld).

The "Canadian Legal" thing with the clear guns is pretty much a marketing gimmick that means the retailers can import clear guns in legally and it will pass through CBSA.

@ arsenalw80: an "internets" is a sort of internet meme. I'm not sure where the etymology came from but I assume that it comes from some sort of misunderstanding of some computer idiot (we all know at least one) thinking the "interwebs" or "internets" is a physical entity (that's plural) of some sort rather than an abstract idea of a bunch of "networked computers".

PS: Arsenal, can you at least change your location to USA if you don't want to disclose any more information. That way at least we know you're not from Canada.

3rd EDIT: OP, what you should consider doing is putting very large and obtrusive watermarks on your pictures from now on. ie. across the centre in large block letters with your username or something like this one
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