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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
That's what you get for trying to circumvent AV.

@OP: not much you can do. The most you have is a copyright violation (civil) against someone using a email address (i.e., you ain't got jack). Caveat is once its on the internet you pretty much lose control of it.
not even that unless the images are fully copyrighted, and the website presents a warning that "some/all images on this sight are copyrighted" then there nothing he can do except hope this guy doesn't actually sell this to some guy.

edit; next time you post place some sort of "watermark" on your images and shrink them to 72PPi/DPi this will lower the resolution but not quality and place a form of copyright onto your images at which point you would have a civil suite.

Originally Posted by arsenalw80 View Post
Eh? Whats circumvent AV mean?
The age verification system is a way of this website making sure that you are of legal age of majority or older (18+) this grants you access to the classifieds. by posting a want ad/ buying a gun while still underage you are circumventing/bypassing/ going around a system that is in place for a reason.
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