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Update! New emails.

Me:Hey are you on any forums? Cause I saw some photos of your gun on Him)

Mack: was on airsoft canada, and yes this sticker is removable!(I asked before I found out about the photos here)

Me: Well I asked the guy with the photos and he said that he was not selling his gun which is the EXACT same gun as yours, If I order from you I wan't the gun to arrive here and then i will pay.(Am testing him)

Mack: i can ship it and give you tracking number, but you will have to pay stright away after seeing it, or i will cancel it!

Me:Yeah but what happens if I receive something that isn't a gun? Its just a safety precaution, (Lie)Cause last time I did this I got a box of rocks.(Lie) send me new photos as proof that you have the gun.

Edit: I posted on GGI asking for a JG or AGM GBBR for $250 max. Which is where he contacted me.

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