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Someone using my gun pics for Fraudulent businesses???

I don't know if this is the right section to post on, so if it is incorrect please tell me.

My issue here is that someone has gotten ahold of my pictures of my AGM GBB rifle and is using them to trick people into buying it.

Arsenalw80 has brought it to my attention. He received an email from a person named Mack Hopps under the email who is apparently trying to sell MY GUN to him for $250 +4% paypal. Is there anything i can do? If i'm correct, selling full black airsoft here in Canada is illegal for a normal civilian like me.

I have only posted my pics in this forum so i believe that it is someone in this forum who is using my pics. Can i report this to the police or something? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the Pm i received from Arsenalw80:

Originally Posted by arsenalw80
Originally Posted by spartan117
Originally Posted by arsenalw80
Hey are you selling your GBBR to someone?
Hi. Nope! Why do you ask? I don;t believe i posted a sales thread on it.
Because I received an email from a Mack Hopps email was
And he posted photos of your gun saying he wished to sell it to me for $250 with %4paypal tax. And I wish to know if it was you.

Photo Names

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