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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
To be flat out honest, bullshit. There's ZERO comparison between a full metal gun and a plastic one. Full metal wins, hands down.

The irony is we're talking about an AUG which isn't metal and a G36, which also isn't metal lol. Having said that I've seen a TM AUG, (if I liked the AUG) I'd get it over a CAS gun anyday.
Just curious how much experience you have shooting, owning CAS Guns. I have personally taken a hammer to a CAS body to do a torture test. Guess what they are really tough. Every issue i have seen with a CAS gun has been because of a crack issue from the factory. Every single gun from CAS that had any crack issues have been replaced for FREE and even installed for a smile how many companies replace parts for free?

Full metal Is great, I agree but dont count out these fantastic Canadian guns. If my metal body broke a tab (which it did) do you think the company would replace my metal body? Even if they did, how they get it to me?
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