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team swat tribute

Team swat says goodbye to its longest member and most devout player. Our mascot and die hard. Chief. Although he was meerly a dog, he was unique. He absolutly loved airsoft. I only had him for 5 years but from day one he has been out at the field along side each and everyone of us. He waited all weeklong for sundays and lived for the rush of gameing. I look back and have to laugh about the fact that all the team swat members could take a lesson or page from a dog. He was there everysunday, rain, shine, snow. in the water and mud, in the +35 to the -35 weather. he was not afraid to get shot (which he did very regularly). it pains me to reminice as he was dear to me and i know he was dear to all team swat members but in the short 5 years i had him he loved his life and everything we offered him. youll be missed my friend.

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