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Originally Posted by Mr. G36! View Post
In a perfect world, yeah. But with my limited resources (and laziness), it just wasn't practical. The camera's mount is on the bottom, and without buying some fancy mounts from wherever that might do the trick, I applied my Army training and went with the lowest bidder, ha ha!
+1 for cheap n' lazy yet solid work. The camo duct-tape shroud is genius. Line it with thin (1/16" or so) foam for impact resistance, add a toilet-paper tube & Lexan cover for the lens, and it'll be nicely bb-proof.

Originally Posted by The Acer View Post
What are the dimensions of the bolt you used?
Camera mounts are (mostly) threaded for 1/4-20 screws (1/4 inch diameter, 20 threads per inch). Length of screw will be critical, since cameras typically have blind mount holes (i.e. only 3/8" or 1/2" deep).

I'm working on a gun mount camera using a cheap wireless camera thingy that'll feed video to a wrist-mounted MP4 player/recorder. Mounted on a QR or FTS mount and lined up with the sights, it'll let me fire around corners without sticking my bb magnet of a head out.
The bits so far:

Just gotta find a good mount to adapt now. And paint that white antenna.
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