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I know this is turning into a long read...but it seems to be common things that come up over and over, espescially with guys trying to start into things. Some of this are "soft" topics and not specific to-do's...rather things to keep in in mind as you go about things.

A bit more on shooting during game play:
This might not apply to every game...but is a standard expectation at many. When you're shooting at a target it's certainly fun and exciting to let rip with your rifle and blast off a ton of rounds downrange. Everyone's done it...I've done're buddy next to you does it. But it's really not necessary and sometimes outright against the rules for a particular game. Mostly put in for safety reasons.

A quick burst or 2-3 shots is all that's needed. Realistically, if you haven't hit them with that, you're probably not going to. Save your rounds...move to a better spot, coordinate with your buddies and outmanoever your opponent and get back into the fight. You'll probably find that your loadout goes a lot longer way, you end up suceeding more and everyone has a better time overall.

Now, if you're running a LMG/SAW/Support weapon...that's different. But even still...if you're shooting at someone...keep the burst of fire to 2 sec. Pause, then another burst. If you're shooting to suppress an area (as in creating a wall of fire to hold off/repel the enemy) then have at it, but keep in mind what's realistic. If a real LMG had a 100 rnd belt and fired 700rpm...then you've got 8sec of fire total before you'd need to "switch belts", and a machine gunner probably wouldn't cut loose for the whole belt at once! Build in those pauses, suppress an area, don't hammer on your opponents relentlessly (remember, it only takes one hit...the rest are wasted).

I'm not a tree-hugging hippie....but it's just simply insulting to the field owner and embarasses the whole group to leave a field when the parking lot, stanging area or even game play area ends up looking like a garbage dump.

Take a garbage/grocery bag with you...stash your stuff at the end of the day, put it out for others to use, make sure it gets put into a garbage bin.

Signing up and Rules for a Game
When you sign up for a game the host, and every other player, expects you to have fully read the rules, understood them and agree to abide by them. If you think there is something that's been up your question. It's likely that if you're wondering it, 10 other people are too and if nobody asks then you'll get 11 different interpretations of what to do....then when the sh*t hits the fan at the game, everyone thinks everyone else is cheating.

Some of the rules are really long and spelled out...some hosts post a really short version with the assumption that everyone knows the rules. If you haven't played a lot of games with the players that have signed up and the rules aren't detailed enough...ASK. They're going to be really pissed off when you show up just doing whatever you feel like.

Some games are posted far in advance. In general, the host will update the first post (or first and second post) with rules, rule changes, additional information, and the roster as things develop. It is your responsibility to go back through and re-read the most recent rules/info...right up to and including changes made just before game day. To be helpful, some hosts will repost the rules periodically if the thread is getting really long.

If you're signing up and bringing buddies to the game...and especially if they aren't on the forum's your responsibility to make sure they've read through the rules and understand them. Do them a favour and get them onto the thread to read the latest version for the game...print it out and have them read it on the way to the game...whatever you need to do. If they show up and blow the game for everyone, it will directly reflect on you.
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