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Originally Posted by DCubed3 View Post
what is your recomendations for a beginner AEG, $200 and under? Thanks many again. For the third time
Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
TBH not much. I paid $450 for mine.

my first AEG was a cheap used UTG MP5, but I sunk at least another $500 over the course of a year fixing and upgrading it to where I wanted it. Was my first so it was a trial and error process that I learned from. It's now a CA FMU with TM/Modify internals.

my second AEG was $500 and I've invested at least another $600 into getting it to where I want it but gamed with it stock. fixed things along the way that broke and replaced stuff that I wanted to replace for performance and accuracy. there's still stuff on it that I want to eventually swap out and replace but I can deal with bits being slightly damaged and not 100% for the time being.

would I spend $200 on a cheap ass crapsoft? NO!
would I spend $400-500 on a used AEG again? probably not, but it's possible.
would I spend $650-$1500 on a new one with all the bells and whistles? likely!

To the OP:
airsoft isn't a cheap hobby/sport. listen to us when we say save up for something better. if you can't decide and don't want to invest in a pricey but oh so worth it gun, RENT! spend your money on a kit you can use for multiple platforms.
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