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Originally Posted by DCubed3 View Post
what is your recomendations for a beginner AEG, $200 and under?
TBH not much. I paid $450 for mine.

You could get a cheap Kraken and play it hard for a while until it breaks down (it will eventually, some may last for 100 rounds and others may last for upwards of 10,000 rounds it's really hit or miss with Krakens).

Don't do anything to it, don't mod it or upgrade or anything. All you need to do is take it to someone to degrease and regrease (with the good white lithium grease stuff) it and a few other minor things. When it breaks down it goes in the garbage or keep it for parts and you move onto a higher quality gun which by that time you should have the money for one. This route will end up costing $150 for Kraken + initial gundoc work if you can't/don't want to do it yourself + $400 your next high quality gun.

OR you could rent for a few games and once you can spend the $400 it takes for a decent gun just splurge and go ahead and buy it. This route will cost you rental fees + $400 for a gun when you do decide to go ahead and buy a gun.
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