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as it's been stated numerous times. yes you can get a sniper rifle that is cheaper than an AEG but you will spend upwards of 5 times that to upgrade it to something comparable to what non crapsoft sniper rifles go for. sure a stock tsd/wel vsr clone might have 1337 high fps but it will lack in everything to make use of the high fps. of course, not being AV'd also puts you in a position of not being BA certified for higher FPS usage on fields. most outdoor field limits are 400 fps so a bolt action (BA) sniper rifle shooting hotter than that would sit you on the sidelines. if you were to acquire a sniper rifle (BA) that is shooting 400fps, you will loose most advantages of sniping.

if you're not sure, get to a game, get AV'd and if you're of age, make arrangements to rent an AEG.

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