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Awesome guys, thank you for the information, I am going to look into getting age verified. I know about those FAQS I have already taken a read through them, and no I don't intend on starting using a sniper, I think I am going to go with an AEG, something of a m16 style. Thanks again for all the information guys, a good help this forum is. Although this is going to sound like a huge condricition of myself, because of saying that I am not going to buy a sniper and all, but I previously looked at one called a TSD VSR-10 on shootsoft. I later encountered a topic on this site titled TSD/Well VSR-10 Clone. Is the TSD and Well version the same thing or something? Sorry if all these questions are in the incorrect place, but while im on the topic of guns, what is your recomendations for a beginner AEG, $200 and under? Thanks many again. For the third time
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