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Two favorites here, both at night.

First, wasn't myself, but we were at the keystone field in Manitoba, it was night, and we had just finished trading shots with some randoms, when I see some guy walking at to us with his gun over his head. Tells us that he just got "knife" killed. Low and behold, over the next 5 minutes we see 3 more walk by. Turns out they were on patrol at night, when Gord (frogman?) gets up at the side of the road, grabs the last one, knifes him, then falls in line, and repeats the process on the other 3.

Another night game, I just respawned in, went to go find something I left in one of the buildings, then heard movement. So I went prone, and had my gun trained on the front door. Buddy comes walking round the corner, and right into my gun barrel. Scared the hell out of both of us, but we had a laugh.

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